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Experience streamlined collaboration, meticulously structured data, and the enchantment of AI with Inodash's magical touch.

Collaboration & Tracking Challenges

Collaboration among team members and stakeholders is often disjointed and lacks a structured approach, leading to inefficiencies in the innovation process.

Chaos of Sticky Notes

Teams face frustration with traditional whiteboard tools and sticky notes, struggling to stay organized amid scattered ideas and canvases, causing confusion and hindering productivity.

Data Analysis Challenges for Consultants

Consultants often struggle to efficiently analyze and synthesize large amounts of data while aligning it with the business model, hindering informed decision-making for their clients.

Pioneering AI-Powered Innovation for Your Clients

Streamlined CollaborationInodash facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing consultants and team members to work together seamlessly on projects, ensuring everyone is on the same page and fostering a more productive and efficient innovation program.
Actionable AI RecommendationsInodash's AI-powered engine generates precise, actionable recommendations based on data analysis, enabling consultants to provide strategic direction and actionable steps to optimize their clients' innovation strategies.
Seamlessly Monitor Teams' ProgressInodash empowers consultants with actionable data insights, enabling them to navigate clients through innovation challenges with unmatched precision and foresight.

See what other experts love about us!

The intuitive dashboard fosters seamless collaboration and enables convenient progress tracking. The modules provided significantly streamline the process of conducting user interviews and analyzing problems. The exceptional team behind this product serves as a testament to their outstanding craftsmanship.
Burak YamanInnovation Evangelist

If you're into the innovation consultancy business, I can guarantee that once you experience Inodash, you'll say, "Where were you guys for all that time...
Yakup BayrakInnovation Strategy Consultant

We've integrated Inodash into our consultancy process, and the results have been outstanding. The data-driven approach of Inodash has optimized our output quality, enabling us to provide strategic recommendations that align perfectly with our clients' needs.
Yusuf OzanProduct Person

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