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Inodash helps companies and teams to build a new business by using structured workshops and online video training


Teams are more innovative
and productive

With dynamic workshop flows such as Problem Discovery, Persona Discovery, Idea Development, Business Model, and MVP, Inodash helps teams to develop new products and services.

With Dashboard, it makes the whole process metric-based.

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Everything you need to build
validated product &services

Workshop Modules

There are many workshop modules in Inodash. These workshop modules help the teams to do output-oriented work at the stages where the team needs it. While these studies are being carried out, the teams also receive training on the subject through workshop modules.


Many team members can work together in Inodash. They build new businesses in a faster and cheaper way with their collaboration.


Everything in Inodash is data and metric-driven. Team and organization leaders can easily follow the information about the whole process on the dashboard.

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