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AI Assisted

Inodash isn't just an idea generator; it's your co-creator that transforms ideas into tangible impact. Collaborate, validate, and bring ideas to life with AI-powered assistance.


Can work with built-in tools, tips and video guidance. Inodash unlocks the creative potential of team members to find more innovative solutions.

Data Driven

With Inodash, learn to create and validate hypotheses for robust business models. Unleash the true potential of innovation by embracing data-backed insights and expert guidance.

Ready to Use Modules

with 19 Templates & Canvases

Problem Discovery

Discover the needs and problems in your focused area. Group and prioritize them.

Persona Creation

Explore your personas, create hypotheses, and create meaningful insights.


Develop ideas, get AI generated suggestions, vote as a team, and evaluate them in an innovative idea axis.

Business Generation

Develop your value proposition, build a business model, and do competitor analysis.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Create an MVP and start testing it for your value proposition.


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