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Better than a "whiteboard", Easier than a "sheet", Smarter than "sticky notes"

AI Assisted

Inodash isn't just an idea generator; it's your co-creator who transforms ideas into tangible impact. Collaborate, validate, and bring ideas to life with AI-powered assistance.

Data Driven

With Inodash, learn to create and validate hypotheses for robust business models. Unleash the true potential of innovation by embracing data-backed insights and expert guidance.


Can work with built-in tools, tips, and video guidance. Inodash unlocks the creative potential of team members to find more innovative solutions.

Ready To Use

with 20 Templates & Canvases


Leverage AI assistance and collaborative boards—including Problem Mapping, Persona Creation, Customer Journey Map, and Persona Interview Management. Elevate your product market fit process, blending the power of AI and collaborative boards for meaningful insights.



Accelerate idea generation, ensuring a diverse range of options, while AI assistance and collaborative boards streamline the process. Leverage AI-your brainstorming process with Inodash Idea Creation with AI and Idea Rating as a team.


Build Business Model

Rapidly craft a robust business model with Inodash's AI. Use collaborative boards like Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas and Innovative Idea Axis for a seamless journey from ideation to execution. Propel your business efficiently.

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Create MVP

Effortlessly define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Inodash. You can easily articulate features, specify testing types, and set validation rates through our intuitive platform, simplifying the MVP creation process for efficient planning and execution.

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Track Your Tasks

Effortlessly manage tasks with Inodash. Add tasks, assign them to teammates or yourself, set due dates, and prioritize with labels. Keep your team aligned and productive for seamless project execution.

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Essential for Product-Market Fit

See what our customers love about us.

Seamless collaboration

The intuitive dashboard fosters seamless collaboration and enables convenient progress tracking. The modules provided significantly streamline the process of conducting user interviews and analyzing problems. The exceptional team behind this product serves as a testament to their outstanding craftsmanship.
Burak YamanInnovation Evangelist

We pivoted our solution

Thanks to Inodash, we learned how to ask the right questions and provide honest answers. These questions were not only directed towards customers but also to ourselves, leading to honest self-reflection and focus. As a result, we pivoted our solution and achieved market fit.
Enes AladasRumitech CEO

20 weeks program to 14 weeks

As Anadolu Efes, we achieved great efficiency by using Inodash during the acceleration and incubation periods of our program in 2023. Our 50 employees, who applied with a project idea, quickly discovered how to verify their projects, how to choose a persona, and how to analyze the market through the Inodash AI assistant. Thanks to Inodash, we reduced the 20-week program structure to 14 weeks.
Merve GursesInnovation Manager

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