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SaaS: everywhere in our lives

Published by Ecem on
If you are asked what SaaS is, the definition may not immediately come to mind. However, SaaS is a part of almost everyone's daily life. From the marketing emails we receive from companies every day to Netflix, where we watch movies; from Google Drive to Wix, which helps us build websites, everyt... Read More

AI-Powered Website Builders

Published by Ecem on
Are you always thinking of new business ideas, but they get forgotten because you don't do anything about them? You are not doing anything bad. Because "Life's too short to build something nobody wants," says Ash Maurya, author of Lean Startup.Before you spend most of your time on realizin... Read More

Who is the intrapreneur? 

Published by Ecem on
This concept, which has gained more importance in recent years, is used to refer to teams of solution-oriented people who are selected among company employees, who create innovative solutions to the given problem using company resources, who design systems, who work in the same or different depar... Read More

Adapt to Change and Create Innovation

Published by Ecem on
Change has always been a fact of life, but never before has it changed so fast. Developments that used to take place in decades are now taking place in months or even weeks. For the business world, adapting to the changing world and creating innovation has become a must. Unfortunately, not all co... Read More

What is IoT?

Published by Ecem on
Thanks to IoT, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. This technology is transforming industries and enabling businesses to harness the power of data. In this article, we will explore the importance of IoT for companies, successful IoT examples and practical tips on how businesses can... Read More
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